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How to obtain Residence Permit and Passport in Czech Republic


Our company is the Leader in Business Immigration into Czech Republic.

We will help you obtain a Residence Permit (leading to citizenship) in Czech Republic by means of Business Immigration.

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Please note that we only provide help to candidates that have prior business or managerial experience and that will maintain SELF-EMPLOYED status in Europe via creating their own business or extending a branch of their existing company or by joining an existing business as an active partner. We do NOT offer job search.

Why to choose this country

Relatively fast process

Good location inside Europe and relatively moderate cost of living

Low taxes to pay on monthly basis

You may request Citizenship after 10 years of residence

You can get residence permit as an employee or as a student

For you to get your Residence Permit approved, you should meet the following requirements.

You should be employed

You should pay monthly tax

You should provide proof of housing

You should have the insurance for the stay

Or You should be enrolled into studies
(e.g. Language courses)

Czehia | Residence Permit application process and timing


Start: The process is started once the contract has been signed  and we have received the prepayment, passport and diploma copy as well as your CV(resume)

1-2 weeks: We prepare the application form together with the full set of documents, you prepare the police clearance. You will need to lodge the application in the embassy.

4-5 weeks: You receive the approval and obtain your visa D

1 week: You travel to Czechia and demand your ID card with the Foreigners’ Police

Can I Apply?

For all inquiries please call +32 2 888 62 88 or WhatsApp +32 474 433 535 or contact us by e-mail.

For a detailed discussion please provide us with your detailed CV with description of your business and managerial experience, your academic qualifications.

Fees and costs


First payment upon contract signature 3995 EUR

Visa fee 100 EUR 

Final payment to us at the  moment of submission 3000 EUR

Residence Permit cost 50 EUR


Monthly tax 400 EUR (if work visa)

Your Accomodation cost

Our renewal fees: 500 EUR

Your courses fees if you study (4000 EUR per year)