Czech Railways plan to rejuvenate their fleet


Rail operators of Czech Republic making major investments into fleets in coming years.

They plan to do that in a gradual manner. At present Czech Railways consist of about 2,210 passenger cars, over 500 locomotives and 1,000 complete trains, with the average age of the machines being close to 33 years.

Many of them have previously been modernised, but revitalisation should continue, including with the purchase of new trains.

Czech Railways has 31 electric trains for regional transport – which are part of a contract to purchase a total of 50 trains – in production at present.

In addition, five two-level, three-car trains and 50 long-distance trains with speeds of up to 200 km/h are being built. The carrier will take possession of these vehicles in the coming years.

A Czech Railways competition to deliver 120 regional trains and up to 180 long-distance trains with a speed of 230 km/h is ongoing at present.

The company is also preparing a tender for the purchase of up to 65 locomotives. It is additionally purchasing older refitted cars beyond the Czech Republic’s borders.

Train purchases and upgrades mean better improvements for passengers. Air conditioning, video systems, internet connections, power sockets and USB connectors are often standard on new vehicles.

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