This year Manneken-Pis celebrating its 400th anniversary


To mark the anniversary of famous Manneken-Pis statue Brussels city has announced a full range of events.

The Brussels city government ordered a new Manneken-Pis statue In 1619 to replace the existing one. The first monument appeared in administrative records in 1451 and was included in a map from 1572.

At the time the Manneken-Pis was a unique secular statue in Brussels that provided drinking, cooking and cleaning water to the citizens.

Manneken-Pis will be this year’s guest of honor at the Winter Wonders which will include a “great treasure hunt” with prizes available through a geolocalisation app.

Special richly illustrated book will be published in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the Manneken-Pis.

The book will also be available online starting in April at www.cairn.info, a free platform for social sciences reviews and works.

Finally, the Royal Mint is issuing a special €2.50 coin, legal tender in Belgium, to celebrate the event. Some 120,000 coins will be produced and be available at www.herdenkingmunten.be. The coins will not be put into circulation.

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