1. What do I need to get started?

You need to provide us with:

— a scanned copy of your travel passport

— your legal address (where you live now)

— a signed contract and a prepayment to our Company’s account (3000EUR)

— your Residence permit copy if you live outside of your home country

— your CV or similar: we need a description of your professional activities and your educational background.

  1. Where do I apply?

— You always apply via the embassy in the country where you live.

If you already have a valid residence in another Schengen country you can apply in that country.

If you apply for Latvian Residence Permit then you can, with you current Residence Permit form another Schengen country, apply directly with Migration office in Riga.

  1. Can my family join me?

— Normally yes, after you have received your residence permit (except in Latvia where you can apply together).

— Consider the fact that your tax position will most likely be affected if all of your family will join you. Since your place for principal economic interest is de-facto where your family is located you will be liable to report your worldwide income in your new country. Needless to say, that generally tax burden is generally heavier than in Middle East, thus you may be liable to pay your tax from all income from the countries where else it is non-taxed.

Therefore we do not advise all of your family to get a residence permit unless your family will be really residing in the new country.

Don’t forget that in Europe there is a schooling obligation for all kids from the age of six. If your kids do not go to school you will have to explain this to the related authorities.

  1. Do my kids/wife/husband get the passport too?

— your kids under 18 get it automatically if they reside with you at the moment you are awarded citizenship.

— your wife will be able to get a special residence card, that will allow her to work and to be with you without limitation, as a spouse of the citizen of EU. She will need to have lived for five-ten years and proven her integration in the society (work, language).

— your kids have other means of getting passport on a standalone basis, based on the time they have lived in the destination country.

  1. What is an interview, in what language is it conducted?

— It may be conducted in the language of the country where embassy is located, but you can do it in English. The main thing during the interview is to come prepared. The purpose of an interview is just to look you in the eye and to reassure that you are a reasonable person. It takes approximately 20 minutes.

Family member (wife/husband) only passes the interview if she/he applies as the partner or director of the company.

There is normally no interview for Latvian visa.

  1. What is a “registration in the commune”?

— A residence permit is issued upon arrival in Czech Republic. A commune is the local authority that issues the documents. You need to get registered and obtain a residence permit itself; this is done in the commune. You must declare your address.

In Hungary, your residence permit is ready in 10 days after your Visa D is issued, so you physically need to collect it from the Immigration office and to declare your address.

In Latvia you need to arrive with your visa D and get an appointment at Migration office. You pass your medical test right there and your Residence Permit can be issued within 2-5 days. Yor family does the same together with you.